Web Design

Website design is carried out entirely by the professional team of Asa Rad. Website design is not merely about adding your name among registered domains. We believe that website design means establishing a branch of your business in the virtual world without time and location constraints, eliminating costs such as rent, service bills, salaries, etc. The most significant marketers in the world (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) introduce your products and services.

Reasons for choosing Asa Rad:

Business knowledge

Asa Rad Company, with over 16 years of experience and collaboration with more than 100 occupational groups, understands your target market. With the experience gained over the years, it can be the best.

24/7 support

Asa Rad Company, operating without any downtime and systematically, provides backup for all information on your website. Throughout the collaboration with customers, it maintains 16 backup copies of your data.

Design standards

Asa Rad Company, by forming a specialized team consisting of the most creative, expert, and experienced personnel in the country, recognizes all necessary standards and implements them in customer projects.

Timely delivery of orders

Asa Rad Company, we have always tried our best to deliver orders to customers on time, and until today, we have prepared and delivered more than 90% of our implemented projects to customers on the scheduled date.

Types of Websites

Do you know how many types of websites there are in terms of users?



Service websites have special features based on the type of service, and a section related to the same service must be designed for each activity. The job groups that fall into this category are very diverse, and we will mention only a few:

  • Nursing services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Business consulting
  • Consultation clinics, beauty ,Lawyers and…

Service websites have many features, and based on your field of activity, you can include and use them in your project.



Corporate websites are used to introduce the services, products, etc. of your business and serve as a resume and catalog of your business, and in terms of usage, it is very similar to personal introduction websites.

The facilities that separate this type of websites from introduction sites are as follows

  •  The possibility of ordering products through the order form
  • The possibility of a representation form
  • Ability to display portfolio
  • The possibility of introducing services, products, etc.



All the websites where buying and selling are done are except for this category. The following can be mentioned in this category:

  •  Physical products
  • Virtual products
  • Multi-vendor
  • Ticket sales
  • And …

Store websites have many features, and based on your field of activity, you can include and use them in your project.



Educational websites, in terms of functionality, are similar to category-based stores and directories. Because of their unique features, they are classified into a separate category. The capabilities of this category are numerous, and we will only mention a few:

  •  Multi-instructor capability
  • Sending notifications to users in their user profiles
  • Displaying multiple lessons from a course
  • Instructor panel
  • Student panel
  • And more…

Educational websites have a wide range of features, and depending on your project’s scope, you can leverage them for various purposes.



Directory websites are used for platforms operating in the advertising domain, offering features such as:

  • Ad posting by users
  • Ad viewing based on user type
  • Ticket support
  • Visitor feedback and comments
  • Advertiser panel
  • Payment system for ad publication
  • Subscription for data access

Directory websites come with a wide array of features, and depending on your project’s focus, you can incorporate and leverage them accordingly.



Introduction websites are used to showcase services, products, etc., for individuals or businesses, serving as a resume and catalog for your business. They bear a significant resemblance to corporate websites in terms of user interface.

The distinguishing features that set these types of websites apart from corporate sites include:

  •  The ability to introduce an individual or business
  • Direct communication options through messaging platforms
  • Displaying samples of work
  • Introducing individuals and their personal resumes