Contract Subject: Execution of the SEO Project titled ——————- utilizing ———————————.

Contract Duration: The contract duration is 12 months, starting from —————————- and concluding on ————————–.

Developer’s Commitments:
Performing design-related activities by the developer and accepting quantitative and qualitative responsibility for timely project completion.
Safeguarding and preserving the assets and documents provided by the client, utilizing them optimally for the contract’s execution.
Not disclosing documents, information, or materials obtained in the course of design to third parties without written permission from the client. Failure to comply may result in legal action by the client for compensation.
Design and implementation in compliance with scientific standards and design principles.

The client cannot fully or partially subcontract the project.
The developer cannot delegate website support during the contract period.

Website Type: The ————————————– website is designed as a dynamic website with database functionality.

Contract Amount: The total contract amount …………. , payable at the beginning of the contract. Additional fees for support (SEO) can be requested by the client and will be outlined in a separate agreement. Annual renewals of hosting and domain are the client’s responsibility, and failure to renew will result in expiration.

Client’s Main Commitments:
Providing necessary web design documents and site data to the developer.
Managing site data after delivery by the company.
Timely payment of invoices and contract amounts.

Project Subject:
• Data support and website optimization (SEO) for Google search engine on the domain ………………………………
Optimization of the following keywords:





Project Duration:
The duration of this project, from the date of signing and the advance payment (by the client), is ……………… business days.

1: In case of non-compliance with the terms of the contract and deviation from the provision of technical services by the project executor, the client is authorized to unilaterally terminate the contract.

2: In the event of a delay by the client in delivering information on time, one additional business day will be added for each day of delay to the contract duration, and the contract end date, taking into account the delayed time of information delivery by the client, will be recalculated. The required information from the client must be requested in writing by the project executor, and the client must provide the necessary information to the project executor within a maximum of 48 business hours.

3: If the contract is terminated at the request or due to the misconduct of the client, the cost of the work performed will be calculated, and the client is obligated to pay it to the project executor.

4: Any fundamental changes to the terms of the contract that have been agreed upon by both parties will be documented as an addendum to the contract and, after signing, will be enforceable for both parties.


Contract Amount and Payment Method:
The total contract amount is ……………………… US dollars, estimated in cash, payable by the client to the project executor as follows, and the specified amount has been agreed upon between the project executor and the client.

Client’s Commitments:
• The client is obligated, from the date of the contract commencement and throughout the project, to provide the necessary website information to the project executor promptly whenever requested.
• The client must make diligent efforts to protect all security information of the website provided to them. If the client needs a username and password for the website during the contract period, they must request it in writing from the project executor, who is obliged to inform the client promptly. Considering the foregoing, if the client already has the username and password for the website, they must not share it with unauthorized individuals, and the project executor will not be held responsible in this regard.
• The client is committed to timely payment of the contract amount as per Article 4 of the contract, to the project executor.
• In the event that the client possesses the username and password for the website, if, during the contract period, the client or another individual engages in any activity on the site that leads to a decline in the site’s ranking, the project executor will not bear any responsibility in this regard.
• The cost of annual hosting and domain renewal is the responsibility of the client.
• Adding a new keyword during the course of the work is possible with the agreement of both parties, considering the cost and duration of the work. To continue the work, a new contract needs to be registered, specifying the conditions and amount, and content creation and submission (photos, text, videos, etc.) will be carried out by the client.
• This site is created for use with the domain …………………………………….. The client cannot use it simultaneously elsewhere with a new domain without obtaining written consent from the contractor, and they cannot provide it to others without cost or with a cost without the contractor’s permission.

Executor’s Commitments:
• The executor is obligated to deliver the specified tasks to the client within the anticipated time frame.
• Some keywords require more time to reach the first page, and the project executor commits to optimizing the presented website for the declared keywords to appear on the first pages.
• The executor is obliged to provide progress reports to the client every three months.
• All information provided by the client to the executor is considered confidential, and the executor is obligated to maintain and safeguard the given information, with no right to disclose this information to any individual or entity in any way.
• The executor undertakes to report the issues existing on the website and, at the end of the work, present solutions and improvements to the client.
• The executor is committed to ensuring the security of the website in accordance with existing standards.
• The executor commits to delivering the subject matter of the contract to the client or their representatives.
• The executor commits that, if necessary for advertising in advertising services, the required amount will be calculated and communicated to the client. Upon approval and payment by the client, the specified advertising services will be carried out.
• The client is not responsible for providing the necessities, location, facilities, and equipment required for the design and SEO services, as well as creating and providing content for SEO. The executor is committed to providing services based on the description of services in the contract.
• The executor commits not to use methods that would result in the website being blacklisted by search engines.

Termination of the Project:

Unilateral termination of the project by either party is not acceptable, and project termination, except in legal circumstances, is only possible through mutual agreement of the parties.

Note: Departure from the project framework, failure to report progress, and non-delivery of the final version of the work within the anticipated time, as well as the observation and verification of any irreparable issues on the website, in addition to granting the right of termination to the client, obligates the executor to cover all financial and non-financial damages. In the event of the executor’s non-compliance, the client has the right to seek and collect damages in any way they deem appropriate.

Rights and Ownership:

All intellectual and material rights of the project belong to the client.

Force Majeure:

In the event that a compelling issue arises in the continuation of the executor’s activities, which is beyond the executor’s capabilities to resolve, the contract will be terminated after settlement, with the agreement of both parties, or the contract period will be extended if mutually agreed upon.

Whenever, due to factors such as (but not limited to) earthquakes, floods, fires, war, strikes, social unrest, and sanctions against Iran (leading to the blocking of hosting), and other events beyond the will and control of both parties, the provision of services is disrupted, services will be suspended until the resolution of these factors, and the non-performance of services during this time will not be considered a breach of the contract.



Seo project contract

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