Experts at Asa Rad consider various solutions to ensure the security of your server. One of these tasks is properly configuring your server firewall to reduce resource consumption and enhance the security of your services by eliminating unwanted visitors. Additionally, by examining the services running on your server, they identify and remove undesired services.

Website design is a blend of knowledge, art, and creativity, utilizing visual elements and engineering prowess in arranging them alongside each other. When a website is designed based on principles and harmony of elements, it can become a timeless creation, capturing the constant attention of the audience and transcending time constraints.

Site security methods

Hosting the website on a secure host

The security of a website depends on various factors, with the security of the hosting being one of these crucial elements. The presence of a secure infrastructure on which the website is hosted holds special significance. Utilizing security systems, including antivirus, anti-spam, hardware and software firewalls, etc., plays a fundamental role in dealing with cyber attacks. Therefore, it is advisable to procure website hosting from reputable sources.

Use of reliable operating system

It is quite evident that the use of the operating system and genuine software plays a significant role in ensuring website security. Keep in mind that in non-genuine sources and versions, changes may have been made to certain parts of the software with the intention of destruction, misuse, alteration, etc. Therefore, try to always use reputable operating systems and software. By doing so, not only do you enhance the security of your website, but you also show respect for the rights of the producer and use authentic products.

Use a secure password and protect it

A good, strong, and verifiable password should have more than 8 characters, a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, and avoid using names and phone numbers as much as possible, etc. After creating a secure password, another important aspect is to protect and take care of it. Important and sensitive information must be securely maintained. Systems like BitLocker and similar ones can safeguard our data. It is also advisable to change the password at specified intervals (for example, every month) to protect against brute force attacks.

Secure SSL protocol

SSL security certificate encrypts input and output data with a highly complex algorithm, preventing eavesdropping and tampering. Therefore, if a user or site administrator uses an insecure internet connection, it won't create a problem. In such situations, even if hackers gain access to the website's information, they will be faced with encrypted data that is virtually impossible to exploit. Therefore, one of the best solutions for safeguarding the security of user and administrator information is to implement and use this certificate on the website.

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