To order a website design, you must read the relevant contract first. Then, by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, please contact us.

The original contract is between Asa Intelligent Processing rad  Company, located at 54 Piroozi Street, Mashhad, Razavi Khorasan, Iran, and ————————————, residing at ———————————————————————–, acting as the web developer, and the client, respectively. The contract pertains to the design and development of the website, with the obligations of both parties outlined as follows:

  1. Contract Subject: Execution of the web design project titled ——————-, utilizing the ———————————.
  2. Contract Duration: The contract duration is 12 months, starting from —————————- and concluding on ————————–.
  3. Developer’s Commitments:
    • Conducting design-related activities by the developer and accepting quantitative and qualitative responsibility for timely project completion.
    • Safeguarding and preserving the assets and documents provided by the client, utilizing them optimally for the contract’s execution.
    • Not disclosing documents, information, or materials obtained in the course of design to third parties without written permission from the client. Failure to comply may result in legal action by the client for compensation.
    • Design and implementation in compliance with scientific standards and design principles.
  4. The client cannot fully or partially subcontract the project.
  5. The developer cannot delegate website support during the contract period.
  6. Website Type: The ————————————– website is designed as a dynamic website with database functionality.
  7. Contract Amount: The total contract amount …………. ,  payable at the beginning of the contract. Additional fees for support (SEO) can be requested by the client and will be outlined in a separate agreement. Annual renewals of hosting and domain are the client’s responsibility, and failure to renew will result in expiration.
  8. Client’s Main Commitments:
    • Providing necessary web design documents and site data to the developer.
    • Managing site data after delivery by the company.
    • Timely payment of invoices and contract amounts.


  1. Website Warranty and Support:
    • The designed website comes with a guarantee and technical support from the developer for a duration of [number] months. After the contract period, a separate agreement must be reached for technical support services.
    • The guarantee assures the high quality of the website, free from defects, with proficiency in creating all its components and compatibility across various web browsers. Data loading, updates, and content-related matters are not included in technical support and fall under data support.

The cost of website technical support in the following years is determined based on the amount of consumed hosting space.

We provide hosting support services as long as your hosting services are with us. This includes:

  • Security maintenance
  • Server core updates
  • Regular backups up to 14 copies on a monthly basis (5 months)
  • Weekly (4 times a month)
  • Daily 5 days a week (Monday and Thursday)


The delivery time for the website design is 30 business days.

The editing period for the website by the customer is 30 days after the initial design.

In case of non-specialized service implementation, the paid amount will be refunded.


This contract is merely a sample of the company’s website design contract text and holds no legal value without a stamp and signature.





Website design contract

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