Host is a term referring to the location for storing a website, files, data, and other resources associated with a website or application. Hosting, on the other hand, encompasses services that provide storage space, bandwidth, and other necessary facilities for running a website or application.

Useful features for webmasters and programmers

Email and account service

Create as many corporate and personal emails as you need and don't worry about spam. The 24-hour support of Shukrat Asarad is ready to answer your questions in this field.

No space limitations

The hosting provided by Asarad company does not have a limit on the volume, so if the volume of your site is exhausted, it will not be suspended and it will not allow you to add new information to the host.

Get Backup daily backup

Asarad company takes backup of your service daily and stores it in several different servers. Also, you can quickly make a backup with one click at any time.


The most popular Linux control panel among webmasters is cPanel. A lot of features along with pleasant user experience is the most important reason for this popularity

Free SSL certificate

It is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites around the world to secure data transmission. In order for a website to have a secure SSL connection, it needs an SSL certificate.

Free Lite Speed ​​plugin

The Lite Speed ​​plugin, which is one of the best plugins in the field of increasing the speed of the WordPress site, preloading the cache, compressing files and uploading images on time, is provided by Asarad company for free on hosting services.