Graphic design (computer-based) has applications in many areas because aesthetic sensibility has become highly valuable and significant in business today. Everyone strives to prioritize beauty and is willing to invest significantly in it across all business sectors.

Graphics have evolved into a vital element in every business to the extent that they are utilized in all business departments.

Graphics are used in interior design, logo design, website design, introduction and production of corporate colors for branding, business cards, packaging, and more.

Asa Company takes pride in being alongside our valued customers in the following areas.

Office Set Design

Translation to English: Office set usually refers to printed materials that a company utilizes, incorporating its name and brand on various items such as letterheads, business cards, envelopes, etc., each adorned with a new graphic design, color scheme, and pattern.

Catalog Design

Designing a catalog is considered essential for all businesses that matter to people. To have a suitable catalog for presenting your work, precise and clear design is required, free from any ambiguity.

Logo design

The logo is one of the most crucial elements in recognizing any business across all categories of professions. If you want to be more widely recognized and have your name always on people's lips, you must have a unique logo.

UI & UX design

User interface (UI) has existed since ancient times, but the term UI or User Interface Design in its contemporary sense emerged in the computer age. Today, UI is considered the space where interaction between humans and machines takes place.