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?what is WordPress, and what is its purpose

what is WordPress, and what is its purpose?

How is it installed on a hosting service, and how can you obtain it? If you’re faced with a multitude of questions regarding WordPress, don’t worry.

What Is WordPress and Its Purpose?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). If you are a member of various forums, you might have encountered questions like, “Can WordPress be used to launch a website with different themes such as e-commerce, news, corporate, music, etc.?” Users who are new to the world of WordPress often seek answers to such questions in order to choose the right CMS for their website.

History of the WordPress Content Management System

Matt Mullenweg is the founder of WordPress, and in May 27, 2003, he officially released it. It was initially widely used by bloggers for writing blogs. However, with several years since its release and various updates, along with the flexibility mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to use it to launch various types of websites, not just blogs, by using plugins and custom designs within WordPress themes.

Complete Guide to Installing WordPress on Hosting

To set up WordPress, you need to download the latest version of this popular content management system and then proceed with installation on suitable hosting. We’ve covered all the installation methods in detail in MizoHost’s tutorial articles, which are as follows. You should choose the appropriate method according to your needs.

1. Designing the Appearance and Theme of WordPress:

After installing and setting up WordPress, the next step is to customize its appearance. In this regard, you can make changes to your site’s appearance by going to “Appearance > Themes.” WordPress themes are the designs that shape the look of your website. You can use various programming languages like CSS, icon font packages, and more to create a modern look for your site.

There are plenty of free themes available for WordPress, and you can search for them across the internet. After choosing the right WordPress theme, you can customize the look of your site by rearranging various elements on the page, such as category sections, recent posts, recent comments, and more. This allows you to personalize different sections of your site according to your preferences.

Fortunately, WordPress’s official website, accessible at, offers an extensive source of various WordPress themes and templates, which you can search and use according to categories and filters. These themes can cater to different website types, such as news, e-commerce, personal blogs, corporate websites, and more. This vast source is known as the WordPress theme repository. To access the WordPress theme repository, you can visit

what is WordPress

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