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Reasons why WordPress is free

It might be surprising to you why WordPress is so powerful and free. It’s natural to prioritize the quality of our work, and many people have questions about how a system with such capabilities can be free. WordPress is one of the popular and free platforms for creating websites, created by the company Automattic. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons behind the free nature of WordPress.

What Is GPL?

GPL stands for the GNU General Public License, which means it’s a free software copyright license and is one of the comprehensive licenses of the GNU project. GPL is one of the most common open-source software licenses, and WordPress operates under its supervision.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is, in fact, a content management system that allows you to design various websites and blogs. WordPress falls under the category of Content Management Systems (CMS). WordPress is open-source and free, making it part of the world of open-source software. This means that if you have some coding and programming knowledge, you can implement any level of customization and have the website you desire.

Why Is WordPress a Free Content Management System?

In reality, WordPress is an open-source and free content management system that allows any average user, with or without technical and coding knowledge, to quickly and simply set up and manage a blog or business website. In response to the question of why such a powerful system like WordPress is free, it should be noted that every business has its income generation strategy.

For example, we see many individuals or organizations in social and virtual networks offering valuable educational articles for free instead of selling courses. They attract customers and audiences to their content in this way. This is the essence of the WordPress content management system, which generates income.

Ways to Generate Income with WordPress

1. Selling Themes and Plugins:
WordPress was made free to attract a large user base and create an active and vibrant market for the sale of website themes and plugins. The company Automattic primarily earns its revenue from selling plugins, themes, and designed content. By offering WordPress for free, they aimed to attract users and later compel them to purchase add-ons and content created by Automattic. Most of the income of this company comes from selling their products to WordPress users.

2. Theme Production and Sales:
Theme production and sales are equally important as selling themes and plugins for generating income within the WordPress ecosystem. If you intend to customize your website and utilize various features of different themes, you should use the designed themes available. Many people attempt to create unique themes with distinctive features and appealing designs. They then offer these themes for sale to individuals interested in purchasing them.

3. Launching an Online Store:
Today, most businesses have shifted online, and online shopping is widely popular. You can quickly set up an online store using WordPress. By installing the WooCommerce plugin, you can design your own WordPress e-commerce website. One of the unique features of WooCommerce is that it offers all its services for free.

4. Content Production as a Freelancer:
With just a laptop and internet connection, you can create content and publish it on your website or other platforms. Currently, millions of active websites on the internet need new and suitable content to improve their performance. The only work you need to do is to find your specialized field and write about it.

5. Online Business Advertising:
You can utilize advertising as a suitable method to generate income through WordPress. For this purpose, you need to perform advertising for online businesses by using relevant keywords in your articles and blog posts. You will then earn a fee for each click.

6. Selling WordPress Education Courses:
If you have a sufficient level of skill and expertise, you can generate income by creating educational video content. As most individuals use the internet for learning purposes, this is an excellent method to earn money.

In conclusion, this article has made you aware of the reasons behind WordPress’s free nature and ways to generate income from it. With WordPress, you can achieve substantial income, and it can be an excellent opportunity for you. We hope this article has been helpful to you.

Reasons why WordPress is free

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