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Methods to Increase Website Speed

“Improving Website Speed

One of the most important factors for SEO is increasing the speed of your website. To enhance the SEO of your site, you need to speed it up. Website loading speed is highly important and practical, as better loading speed will improve your ranking on Google. However, keep in mind that website speed is directly related to website design. The more complex your website design, the lower the website’s performance will be.

In this article, we will discuss several methods to increase website speed.

Image Optimization

Images are essential elements of our website that represent the creative ideas of the website’s creator. Our main goal in optimizing website images is to create suitable SEO. If the SEO we create is appropriate, it will attract the attention of website visitors. User satisfaction is important for search engines. With image optimization, you can easily rank high in Google search results. By optimizing images, search engines help increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your posts.

Ways to optimize images:
  • Image Names: When uploading images, make sure the image names correspond to the main topic. Add alt and title attributes to your images; this significantly impacts your SEO and improves your site’s ranking.
  • Image Size: Resize your site’s images properly. Avoid producing large-sized images. It’s better to use software like Photoshop to prepare images.
  • Image File Size: Try to use lightweight images for your website. Ensure that reducing the image size does not affect image quality. Saving images in PNG format is advisable.
  • Original Images: It’s better to design your website’s images yourself rather than copying them from other sites.

Selecting Appropriate Hosting and Domain

The term ‘host’ refers to hosting services, which is essentially a server that stores and maintains data. A domain refers to the address assigned to our site.

Improving website speed is divided into two parts: hardware and software. If you use low-cost and low-quality hosting services, your site’s speed will undoubtedly be slow. Using free hosting services often results in issues with service speed. When the company that provides our services hosts our website in powerful data centers, our site’s speed will be high.

Another solution to increase website speed is to use dedicated and virtual servers for your website, which means your hosting will be exclusive, and all resources and data will be dedicated to your website.

CSS Optimization

Many programmers use internal models for their HTML code, which is incorrect and increases the file size.

Minimize Redirects

Redirects create a cycle of additional request-response in the HTTP protocol, ultimately causing delays in opening a page on the site. In the best case, each redirect creates an additional round trip, and in the worst case, multiple additional round trips in the HTTP protocol. Therefore, you should minimize the use of redirects to improve your website’s performance. Redirects slow down your page because going to a page and then redirecting from there consumes extra time. Make sure to read the post related to resolving the ‘Minimize Redirects’ error.”

Methods to Increase Website Speed

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