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?What are the important factors to consider when buying a domain name

What are the important factors to consider when buying a domain name?

Before obtaining a domain and purchasing hosting, several important factors need to be considered. In the following, you will become familiar with these points.

Domain Name and Root Domai

The choice of a domain name is highly dependent on the name of your website. For example, if you manage an online business, your domain name will be the same as your business name, or some businesses use abbreviated or similar names.

Top-Level Domain (TLD)

The top-level domain (TLD) is essential for your website. TLDs come in different types:

1. gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain):These are generic and include extensions like .net, .com, .org, and more.
2. ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain):These are specific to countries, with each country having its own domain. Examples include .ir, .ca, .ge, and more.

If you are torn between choosing a .com or .ir domain, it’s recommended that if your website is aimed solely at Iran, you consider registering a .ir domain. However, if your website is in English or multilingual, prioritize registering a .com domain.

After selecting a domain name and extension, it’s time to choose a domain registrar. In other words, which company you want to purchase your domain from. We recommend registering your domain with Asa Company.

Asa Company offers various domain extensions and can assist you in making the right choice. You can also transfer your domain to Asa Company. Domain transfer and registration with Asa Company are straightforward. Asa Company provides various domain types, including:

1. Iranian domains
2. International domains
3. Domains with Persian characters (IDN)

How to Purchase a Domain

To obtain a domain, first select a suitable name that is easy to pronounce and write in English. Once you’ve chosen the name, visit domain registration websites. Search for your desired name along with your preferred extension to see if it’s available for purchase. If it’s available, you can proceed with the purchase. If it’s already registered, you’ll need to choose a different name or consider purchasing the same name with a different extension.

Renewing a Domain

Every domain you purchase needs to be renewed periodically. The renewal period can vary from one to five years, depending on the registrar. Usually, domain renewals are done annually. The registrar will alert you a few days before the renewal date, and it’s crucial not to forget to renew your domain. Failing to renew your domain means losing your website and all the SEO and efforts you’ve invested.

A domain that is not renewed can be purchased by others after a certain period, and they can take ownership of it.

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